Explore Stefani Fine Art Collector Levels

Find the perfect art for your life while choosing the budget and style that's right for you. ALL Stefani Fine Art custom artworks are exquisite, museum-quality, and carefully hand-crafted to order.

Square Editions 

Budget-friendly | 10-inch gems | Optional Framing

Print permanence: rated to last 100+ years.
Pricing: $75-250 USD

Enjoy unique, vibrant, 10x10 inch square art prints at exceptional prices. Curated for groupings and smaller spaces, Stefani Square Editions are limited releases in exquisite, special collections. Available images rotate frequently, so it's a good idea to check these collections often. Great for entry-level collecting and thoughtful gift-giving. SHOP SQUARE EDITIONS


Legacy Editions 

Museum-quality | Archival | Optional Framing

Digitally mastered from the original art
Print permanence: Rated to last 200+ years 
Pricing: $150-1,600 USD

Legacy Editions are reproductions of the highest quality created using the most advanced digital technology currently available. Each image is available in multiple sizes, up to a specified edition amount (usually 100 to 250), to allow your creative freedom in design and style while assuring your investment. Every artwork is individually produced to order by trained master printers and framers, assembled with the best materials, and inspected to conform to rigorous quality control standards. SHOP LEGACY EDITIONS


Limited Editions 

Numbered | Exquisite | Custom Framed

Digitally mastered from the original art
Print permanence: Rated to last 200+ years 
Pricing: $800-5,000 USD

Specially curated and created by the artists, our hand-printed Limited and Special Artist Editions are of particular interest and considered highly collectible. Each Limited Edition is sized and framed using creative techniques chosen by the artist for that specific piece of art. SHOP LIMITED EDITIONS



Rare | Precious | Deluxe

Pricing: $1800-10,000 USD

The original, one-of-a-kind artwork. For example, Richard's vintage hand-printed silver gelatin darkroom photograph or Christina's oil painting. 

If Christina created the painting digitally, it is offered as an "Original Collector's Edition" (usually limited to editions from 1 to 10).