Frequently Asked Questions

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About Christina and Richard Stefani

We pronounce it Stef-anee. The pronunciation is from the northern part of Italy, where Richard's grandparent's we born and raised.

The southern part of Italy pronounces it Stef-aah-nee, like Gwen. And no, they aren't related!

Richard & Christina are married, correct? Isn't there an age difference?

We get this question all the time. Yes, we are married and have been together over 20 years. There is a 38 year age gap between us. God works in mysterious ways. It's OK, you can ask us about it; we don't mind!

Customer Support

How do I contact you?

email: info(at)stefaniart.org

phone: +1 (503) 378-0636

mail: 1830 High ST SE, Salem, OR 97302

or, simply fill out this form

How long will my order take?

North American orders typically arrive within 2 weeks while international orders may take up to 4 weeks depending on shipping time and local duties. We send emails every step of the way, so that you can always stay in the know.

What is the Stefani Art Collector Guarantee?

Basically, it promises to you that we are reputable art dealers that have been in business for a very long time. It protects your investment and assures you that you will always receive the highest quality product, customer service and shipping from us.

Read it here: Stefani Art Collector Guarantee

Shipping Questions

How much is shipping?

We offer free standard shipping to addresses within North America. Expedited shipping is billed at cost, never marked up, and no handling fees are ever charged.

We have negotiated generous discounts for international shipping, and are proud to pass those savings on to you. Country-specific taxes, duties and fees are the responsibility of the receiver.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

You bet! We have a lot of collectors overseas.

We offer shipping worldwide, excluding minor territories. North American orders ship by land, worldwide by air. We do everything we can to discount international shipping as much as possible.

Country-specific taxes, duties and fees are the responsibility of the receiver.

My art was damaged in shipping. What should I do?

We're sorry to hear that. Don't worry, we'll make it right.

Rarely, no matter how carefully we packed your art, shipping damage can occur. We'll get it sorted out.

Simply contact our team using the customer support links below and we'll assist you.

Please read our Refund Policy to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Contact our team