Celilo Falls – Dignity - Open Editions - Richard Stefani - Stefani Fine Art
Celilo Falls – Dignity - Open Editions - Richard Stefani - Stefani Fine Art
Celilo Falls – Dignity - Open Editions - Richard Stefani - Stefani Fine Art
Celilo Falls – Dignity - Open Editions - Richard Stefani - Stefani Fine Art
Celilo Falls – Dignity - Open Editions - Richard Stefani - Stefani Fine Art
Celilo Falls – Dignity - Open Editions - Richard Stefani - Stefani Fine Art
Ratio chart of art sizes showing the final frame sizes. This chart is for art sized 8x8 inches, 12x12 inches, and 20x20 inches. Stefani Fine Art.
Stefani Fine Art Black sustainable wood "box" style frame option.

Celilo Falls – Dignity

Stunning historic black and white art photograph of a beautiful young woman in full regalia. Celilo Falls can be seen in the background. This portrait was created in 1956 by Master Photographer Richard Stefani.


  • Digitally mastered from Richard Stefani's original film negative 
  • Multiple sizes, up to 20x20 inches
  • Expertly mounted with professional framing options

Stefani Fine Art custom artworks are exquisite, museum-quality, and carefully hand-crafted to order. Bundle your selection with an optional frame for a complete presentation that arrives ready to hang. *Art size is the size of the art before framing. Framed options increase the size by 2-8 inches per side, depending on the chosen frame.

Framing Options

Sustainable wood "Box" frame in black, cherry, white, or natural.

  • 8x8 art frames to 12x12 inches
  • 12x12 art frames to 20x20 inches
  • 20x20 art frames to 28x28 inches
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  • Archival Pigment photograph or canvas (permanence rating 200+ years)
  • Exclusive digitally-mastered reproduction from Richard and/or Christina Stefani's original artwork
  • Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Museum-quality finishing, framing options, and packing 
  • Framed artwork arrives ready to hang. Unframed artwork is mounted on archival acid-free board and delivers ready to frame. 
  • Stefani Art Collector Guarantee 

This ancient, sacred area was completely destroyed in 1957. 

Celilo Falls (also known as Horseshoe Falls or Wy-am) was located on the Columbia River about twelve miles east of The Dalles, Oregon. Celilo Falls was once a place of incredible importance to the Umatilla, Walla Walla, Cayuse, and Nez Perce tribes, as well as the Yakama Nation and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

  • For over 11,000 years, Celilo Falls was a crucial hub of salmon fishing and commerce for Native American tribes around Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge
  • Ten times more water passed over Celilo Falls than passes over Niagara Falls today. A half-dozen native tribes had permanent villages between the falls and where the city of The Dalles, Oregon now stands. As many as 5,000 people would gather to trade, feast, fish at Celilo, and participate in games and religious ceremonies.
  • Celilo was the oldest continuously inhabited community on the North American continent until March 10, 1957, when the falls and nearby settlements were submerged by the construction of The Dalles Dam. 

View available Celilo Falls art photographs by Richard Stefani

We are proud to share Richard's unique and sensitive 1956 Celilo Falls photographs taken at one of the last tribal Indian fishing ceremonies. Enjoy this rare opportunity to own a piece of Celilo Falls history.



Richard Stefani in Utah

Master Photographer* Richard Stefani creates art that celebrates the timeless beauty of America’s landscape. A full-time professional artist since 1962, he is a sought-after portrait and fine art photographer, winning numerous accolades and awards over the decades.

For almost 50 years Richard created moving portraits of people from all walks of life, from social commentary to families to political figures. He often lectured on photographic technique and served as a print judge.

* 1972, Professional Photographers of America (PPA)The Master of Photography (M.Photog.) degree is awarded to photographers for their superior photographic skills demonstrated through the Photographic Open category of PPA’s International Photographic Competition, advanced education, and service to the industry.


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